Exhibition "Gott in Dosen" - Sigtuna Stiftelsen, Sweden

On Sunday, May 20 /2018, starts my exhibition "Gott in Dosen" (God in tin cans) in the Sigtunastiftelsen, Sigtuna, Schweden. Vernissage takes place from 1:00 PM.
The exhibition "Gott in Dosen" has already been shown in several places - now it is to be seen for the first time in Sweden. The Sigtuna Stiftelsen is a perfect place for this photo-exhibition, because the traditional monastery building with conference hotel and many cultural events offers a very appropriate, Christian reference.

From the project description:

In his project "God in Tin Cans" Dan Hummel shows pictures of the little churches on the streets of Greece.
What at first glance looks like old mailboxes or speed cameras proves after closer inspection to be small prayer houses. Popularly called ”Proskinitaria” and decorated with small pictures of saints and candles, they once served as places of prayer for the farmers in remote regions. Today, they are usually memory locations of accident victims, or individuals that by luck just barely made it.

Their designs are endless: whether white, gray, blue or green, usually made of thin sheet metal, masonry or wood, with turrets or doors, the imagination sets the look. Amazing are sometimes the house "additions" that extend far into secular needs and even consist of opened Ouzo or Coca Cola bottles.

Speaking at the opening: Gunnar Weman - fd ärkebiskop
Speaking at the opening: Gunnar Weman - fd ärkebiskop

Manfred Björkquists allé 4, Sigtuna, 193 31 Sverige
08 592 589 85

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